Friday, August 28, 2009


Have you ever had something in your life that not only brings you grief and regret but also tremendous joy (children do not count on this one)?

Well this is my something......
Gorgeous isn't it?
I love this instrument, this was a Valentines gift to me from Mr Darcy a couple of years ago, and I was thrilled...... but that is where the joy ends and the agony begins.

I was like any one of the multitude of youth out there that was signed up for piano lessons and then defiantly dared anyone to make me do something I had decided I did not want to do (my apologies Mrs. Shumway, for wasting your precious time).

I can spend hours at these milky white keys with the slash of black across the top, and never truly satisfy the craving I have to play, truly flow through a piece of music. Granted, I have improved, if ever slightly, but the regret I feel for not doing the work when the work was given, can never be extinguished.

And yet,
even with the 'agony of defeat', it still calls to me in silent moments, in tumultuous times, in times of begs me come, to stroke it's silky ivories, to pour out any and all emotions until I am spent and quiet and humbled! And at moments like these, my joy is truly complete!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

Sometimes I waste time..... mine, other peoples, you name it sometimes I waste it, but not today.....Today I spent making cards.

I told you a couple of posts back about traveling abundantly recently and with that travel comes a responsibility to Thank all the wonderful Hosts and Hostesses that make our trip successful. What better way to say thank you then with a handmade card. So I have decided to do a little bit of bragging and show off my handy work.

Now before you get too excited, I must explain. I consider myself a creative copycat. Original ideas may be foreign to me but I can copy your artwork like there is no tomorrow, so don't be disappointed when you realize they are nothing more then a paint-by-number type of card. Not like that paint-by-number on black velvet sort of thing, I like to think I am a classier copycat then that. I am hopeful that the pictures will speak for themselves.

Oh, by the way, thanks Karen for introducing this particular Mojo Monday pattern to me, I just love it!

Get Me the Crash Cart...STAT! (this has nothing to do with my post, I just always wanted to say it)

I have a stat counter attached to my blog, and I find it fascinating to look at all the different places that people come from to view a blog. I had people from all over the United States as well as in foreign countries (Canada is too a foreign country). It is so amazing to think that people from around the globe can access what little old me has to say.

But what I truly wanted to blog about was not only where people come from but when people come. According to my Stat counter, most people do their blogging (at least look at my blog) on Tuesday.

I would think that is because the frantic melancholy of Monday is over and Tuesday is when people start to settle into their weekly routine. Or maybe it is because Tuesday is kind of a forgotten day of the week, you know Monday is--well 'Monday', Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is 'oh please get me to Friday', and Friday is of course 'FRIDAY'. So that leaves little old Tuesday as a gap filler between 'Monday' and 'hump day'. Why not use it to balance the check book, read a book or check a blog. Yes, I have decided Tuesday will be a 'FREE' day, you will then be released of all obligations (except child care of course) to do, or be. I have decreed it.

You know I have had great interactions with Tuesday, if I am not mistaken that is the day of the week my eldest got married, I also think one of my children was born on a Tuesday, I believe it was my second born (it was after all a very long time ago). It is also the day I prefer to go to Disneyland, less crowded. And today I realized that is the day I have had the most visits to my blog. And this last would not have been possible without my stat counter. I have a fascination with it!
Ain't modern technology somethin?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy

Ok I was awarded the honest blogger award and I am honored and just a bit confused. If there is an award for being an honest blogger, does that mean there are dishonest bloggers out there. I mean seriously folks, isn't this the medium for pouring out your heart and soul and doing it anonymously, (well as anonymous as we get in bloggerland). So let's see, who to nominate next

Debbie-my devoted sis, who is so honest about blogging she never has. She has her own blog created by her daughter and posted by guest bloggers. Will she take up the challenge for this, no, but I respect her commitment to not blogging.

Jenny-my lovely daughter who makes me giggle when I see my beloved grandkids on her blog doing things that I would have been beside myself with anyone else seeing. (like climbing in the fridge)

Taralyn-my sweet niece who shares her joys and heartbreak of raising adorable children away from the comfort of family.

Momza-who is truly a role model for me, and yet we have never met.

Jenifer-who is the soul of honesty and integrity and I am proud of the education she constantly gives me through her blog.

Heidi-whose honesty is almost painful to me.

Joe and Missy-for honestly not posting very frequently, yet when they do it is a gem!

10 truly honest things I am admitting
1-People bother me
2-so does Gluten
3-I'm always right
4-If you think I'm ever wrong refer to #3
5-Sometimes I like to be mean
6-If you hurt my kids, I will rip your head off (just a figure of speech, sort of)
7-I want to live on Main Street in Disneyland
8-eating makes me happy
9-I am overweight because eating makes me happy
10-I once gave up chocolate for 7 years, the key word here is once.

Sorry, I posted this and then realized I had not included the rules for the above award, they are;
1-Nominate 7 worthy bloggers of this prestigious award
2-list 10 honest things about yourself

Enjoy the Ride!

I am so happy today, the rain is falling intermittently and the cool air is lovely and refreshing. My what a wonderful world this is and what a wonderful creator we have to plan for all contingencies great and small. What an experience we have coming to us in this life.


Monday, August 24, 2009

The man is a Chick Magnet

Life is really busy!

We have been gone for the past week and a half and I just haven't taken the time to blog. Our business is one that grows and thrives when it has our personal attention, (you know, kind of like raising kids) and so that is what we have been doing.

I am lucky, the business that puts food on my table is one that has me traveling with my Mr Darcy and touring the western United States. We not only get to be together 24-7 but we see some remarkable scenery and meet extraordinary people.

Now I am not a people person myself, but Mr Darcy is the Pied Piper himself, and people love him to pieces. I am content to share in the adoration of the masses of this most remarkable man. He is quite an amazing person. He has had his share of struggles, cannot type worth a darn, spelling and he have never seen eye to eye, but still he can get more accomplished in 10 minutes then I can get done in a day. I would like to think that we compliment each other, so I do.

Well, what started out as an explanation for non-existent posts has become a tribute to Mr Darcy. See what I mean, the Pied Piper! I cannot help myself, nor do I want to. I am smitten.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love Will Keep Us Together

Today I went to a funeral for a dear sweet man that lives in my ward. There is something about a funeral that makes me reflective and serious (yes, I understand that this is normal). I tend to do a lot of soul searching after such an event and tend to make new goals and decisions after a funeral.

Here is my goal then, I vow to tell the people that I love just that, that I love them, while they are still around to hear me say it and I am still around to say it. It is all good and well to pay tribute to the deceased and expound upon their many virtues, but wouldn't it be better for those recipients to hear these words from our own mouths with their mortal ears.

Yes, that is the plan and I will start this very day. Wish me luck

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


What in the world is going on here, every time I turn around another one of my darling grandchildren has another birthday. My darling little Tae just celebrated her 9th birthday!

Now don't get me wrong, I am all for parties and celebrating, I just don't want them to grow up so darn fast. I hate to pull rank, but I may just have to put my foot down here. Celebrating is fine, getting older is not!
Tae had a Flip-Flop party (in my day they were called thongs) and her gorgeous and very talented mom made her the most adorable flip-flop cake I have ever seen.

At the party her guests decorated Flip-Flops that they took home with them, played many a fun game, including 'how many candies are in this jar'. At that point they ate the above pictured adorable cake with of course a respectable amount of ice cream, opened gifts and went home.
Working hard on their Flip-Flops
Showing off their handy work.

I have added pictures for your viewing pleasure. Oh and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAE!!!!!

Journal Entry

I live in a beautiful place. The mountains surround me in their protective embrace, the blue of the lake water is visible from my porch. There are trees and green and flowers that encompass my life. My life is good, so very, very good. But for every lovely and celestial thing that abounds, there are also shadows and corners that light never seems to penetrate. Some of my family relationships are caught in those deep recesses of lightlessness.

I have a brother, only one mind you, younger then me, and he and I have never really had more then a casual relationship. He is married, with children, living not more then 7 miles from where I am typing, and we see each other only rarely. He is a good man, and I am a good person, and yet we have never met on common ground to share those things that we share due to the blood that runs through both of our veins. It makes me stop sometimes and think, what would my life be like if he were a more prevalent part of it, what would his be like. He called me on my birthday, to wish me a Happy Birthday and I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised. It not only brought a sting of tears to my eyes but a feeling of wonder that he thinks of me at important moments in my life.

I also have a sister, a dear, talented sister. She lives many miles from me and has had her share of difficulties, challenges and sadness in her life. We have recently had a gulf develop between us, a gulf of anger and miscommunication and selfishness. It appears to be taking on a life of its own and making it so difficult to bridge the growing darkening abyss that separates us. I am challenged by my 'Natural Man' and my need for my version of justice, but as with my brother she too shares the blood of our fathers that courses through our veins. We are not only siblings, we are tied together for the eternities, and I am so grateful for that. I long for the resolution and contentment and the light that comes with forgiveness and forgiving. We need to disolve the idea of 'sides' and become one together.

My job is to resolve my own issues and love without guile. I am thankful for the strength that comes not from within myself but from a Saviour that suffered all that I feel and did it willingly. He made it possible for there to be a 'second chance' to do things right. I am so eternally grateful and indebted for his sacrifice. And oh so grateful for another day to make amends, fix something broken, learn to appreciate, feel love and light.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Powerful Woman...UNITE!

I know...I know I just posted but there is still more in me trying to get is another set of Reunion pictures that I choose to call 'Girl Power'.

Sissy's hubby was late getting up to the cabin so Sis decided she and a couple of very capable woman would put up their tent!

And they DID!


Baldwin Barn Burner

Well we finally had our families reunion lovingly called a Barn Burner. Chris was awesome with the planning, the games, the flags, there was something for everyone and there were times when all you had to do was sit on the swing and hang out. The cabin was a true blessing and fabuloso, Joe and Missy were wonderful to make the arrangements for us.

There is nothing like family, even with all of our warts we are who we have for eternity so if we can't get along with everyone here, it will be a very long miserable time in our futures. So we figure that we had better practice getting along, learning to love and appreciate differences and basically gaining a greater understanding of the importance of families. What a wonderful time we had and to those that didn't join us...YOU were missed and you really missed out.

At the end of it all we had a healthy competition for 'Helga' the trophy that is loved, and dare I say, coveted by all who gaze upon her. Jon and Dave Wadley's team won the privilege of keeping 'Helga' over the past two years and the Wad Squad pulled it off again. It was a great time, all of it, from gma and gpa who talked all night long to the duct taped spoon heads, we just laughed and enjoyed it all. Thanks to you all for helping and contributing in anyway, even if it was just showing up, you all made it wonderful.

Reunion pictures

what a swingin mom!
Nothin to do but run and play
The 4-wheeler was awesome

More Pictures of the Reunion

some of our cute babies
A restful cabin retreat
our family flags