Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Call Me Mrs. Darcy!

Dad, Mom and Mr and Mrs Darcy, Sundance ski lift October 1 2008
Ma Ma and Pa Pa framed by the mountain
How can you not admire the general splendor, it is truly breathtaking
Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather we are experiencing, grabbed mom and dad and headed up the canyon to see the beautiful leaves and enjoy the sunshine. May I say, It was Glorious. Just when you think you appreciate the place you live as much as you can, all of a sudden you have an experience like this and it takes your breath away. We headed up to Sundance and rode the lift up the mountain and then back down (dad was a little disgruntled as he thought he was going to walk down the mountain). Even though Dad wanted to walk down the mountain, I had to put my foot down because I knew that if he walked down, I would have to join him and that just wasn't going to happen. What an amazing place we live in. When you are up in those mountains you forget all about the stock market and the elections and the bills and anything else that can wear you out and down and you just get to refill your well. My lovely husband, Mr. Darcy, is such a great guy and he knew this would be wonderful, and he was right. I am in awe when I see the majesty of those mountains and the richness of the changing colors, how the Lord must love us to give us not only a world to live in but also created the light and dark hues of the changing leaves and the whisper of the wind when you are feeling a little too much heat on your brow. The sound of a mountain stream running over and around rocks and boulders drowns out even the most insistent little voices in my head telling me about the things that need to be done. I love our world! And then as if that were not enough, he gives us precious family to share the most tender and miraculous moments of our life. My cup runneth over.
Today I am truly Mrs Darcy, completely and perfectly and incandescently happy.
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nic and krista said...

okay i'm jealous!! i miss those beautiful mountains so much! glad you had a fun krista and addie :)

lvs2dance said...

Hey! Thanks for the invite!!! Chris and I need to get up there, it looks romantic and full of spots to go and make out! Ya, right, like he would do THAT in public!!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

This is so beautifully written! I have never been to Sundance. Sad, huh? My dad would have insisted on walking down the mountain, too. Holly has a mountain in her backyard and a few years ago, Dad fell down it and ended up a bloody bundle at the bottom of the hill. So, on 4th of July, he had to try it again. Peggy's husband, Lee, shadowed him. At one point Dad had both of them in peril but he sucked it up and they both made it down with no damage. I am pretty sure his fall had been bothering him and he just had to go out on a positive note. Now he doesn't have to deal with that particular mountain again. The man just doesn't ever get old. Older, but not old. : )

RBS said...

It must be genetic because you have just described my dad. It doesn't matter the risk on the danger meter he plunges ahead full force. Well who knows maybe that will keep him with us longer, if that is the case I say 'go for it dad'.