Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sometimes you just get lucky!

I was surfing around and found a great tag on one of my daughter's dear friend's blog and I decided to tag myself. I want my children to know how dear their dad is to me.

Husband tag

1 Where did you meet? We actually met at 'Taco Siesta' a local fast food joint I was working at. He claims that I made him the worst burrito ever and he came to complain. What actually happened was this, I worked with his good friend Bruce and Bruce needed Mr Darcy to double with him on a date and my Mr. Darcy couldn't get in touch with the girl he wanted to ask so Bruce (being desperate) said, 'what about her?' and he was pointing at me.

2 How long did you date before getting married? We dated for two years but considering I was only 16 when we first met that seems pretty darn fast to me.

3 How long have you been married? If I quoted Mr Darcy, he would say, '34 wonderful years'
We have started teaching the Marriage and family relations class in Sunday School and this has been said by him multiple times. But I also agree, it has been 34 wonderful years.

4. What does he do that surprises you? To be honest I am constantly surprised by him and yet I am totally NOT surprised. He will do the dearest kindest things just when I least expect it, and yet that is the kind of guy he is. His heart is as soft as a marshmellow, and I love that.

5. What is your favorite feature about him? I love, Love, LOVE the way his eyes twinkle when he really laughs about something or is teasing me. Okay, close your eyes kids, I also love his great little butt!

6. What is your favorite quality about him? He can see past my faults and frailties and loves me anyway. Somedays that is just amazing to me. He also can do anything-nothing wavering-anything he decides to do, I have never met anyone so capable in all my life.

7 Does he have a nickname for you? Mostly he calls me Hon. As a matter of fact a few years into our marriage I wondered if he remembered my real name, so I asked him. He still doesn't use it much. But my very most favorite nickname he has for me is Mrs Darcy! I know he only uses it when he is completely and perfectly and incandescently happy or when he wants me to be.

8 What is his favorite color? I don't know that he has one, but the color green and maroon look simply smashing on him, he also looks fabuloso in Pink. I know he loves BYU Blue.

9 What is his favorite food? He loves the shrimp fest at 'Red Lobster'. He also loves a great rib eye steak. But something I think he could live off is the Pico de Gallo (sp) he makes from scratch. He loves it!

10 What is his favorite sport? BYU football, of course.

11 Who said I love you first? He did! I am sure he doesn't remember, but I didn't quite know what to do with that. No one of the opposite sex (that wasn't related to me) had ever said that to me before. I didn't know quite what to do with it (remember I was very young and an idiot)

12 When and where was your first kiss? We had gone to a movie, Romeo and Juliet ( I love that theme music) and he leaned in and kissed me. That had never happened before and I think I just rolled with the punches. It was very sweet.

13 What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? For me, it is just that, being a couple. We enjoy going to football games, out to eat, football firesides, traveling in the car, watching TV, talking to each other on the phone (Mr Darcy gets all sweet on the phone), putting in a yard, going for a walk (are you starting to get the picture, if not I can go on)

14 Do you have kids? How many? Yes we have 4 wonderful children, a daughter and three sons. We also have 8 superduper grandbabies 4 granddaughters and 4 grandsons. (They are the joy in my day)

15 What is a hidden talent that he has? I think I have already answered that, he can do anything from remodeling the house to changing a diaper (he tries to keep that one really hidden). I have never seen anyone with the determination he has when he chooses to do something.

16 How old is he? Now that depends on who you are asking, if you ask him he doesn't know, or want to remember. He was born in August of 1953.

17 What is his favorite type of music? He loves music that reminds him of something. He listens to the 'sounds of Sunday' every Sunday. He likes the soft rock channels. He used to love 3 dog night but that was many, many moons ago.

18 What do you admire most about him? That is easy, I am married to the Pied Piper. People love him and follow him anywhere. He is Kind, Generous, loving, I wish I had that talent.

19 What is his favorite pasttime? He love accomplishing things. What ever he is involved in gets his full attention until it is done. He is never sitting still unless he has fallen asleep. He also is an avid deer hunter. He has been known to start planning the next hunt as early as January. Now he generally just goes to get away and enjoy the companionship of his boys. I always threaten him that I do not want a dead carcass hanging up in my carport so he had better not come home with one. In recent years he has been very obliging.

20 Do you think he is going to read this? No, not unless I insist upon it, and I won't. He has a pretty good idea who he is and what he is about, so this may or may not interest him, except for the fact that it came from me, his Mrs Darcy!


lvs2dance said...

That was very fun to read...I learned things about dad that I didn't know. Amy has been HARPING me to do it about Chris and I have been lazy to do it...I don't generally do tags. But now you have inspired me to do it, I want my posterity to know why I love him, just like I learned why you love dad. (seriously though, it would have been great without the butt comment...I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I read that-gross!)

RBS said...

My darling daughter, I am so grateful that you not only read your old moms blog but that you comment you are my joy and light! Oh and about the cute butt comment, I warned you to close your eyes didn't I.
Love your mom

Andrea said...

Roxanne-- You are truely amazing. Loved your post, your sincerity and your deep love that shines through. So glad you were "set up" and that you are still as much in love as ever. Gives me hope! :) Miss you!

jkziel said...

Hello Ms. Roxanne

It is fun to run-into people in bloggy land.

(Jessica Ziel, from the good'ole PGM days)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Sooo sweet! I do like Jenny's comment, tho, too.

Tara said...

That was a very sweet post, and I learned a bit about uncle I didn't know :)

Anonymous said...

Hi !
Thank you comeing my blog.
You have 4 children and ground children ??
I'm sorry , I can't understand English well yet.

My family is my dad ,my mam,my older brother and older sister.
I hope you will come my blog again !

Amy said...

Roxanne, I think that is seriously the sweetest thing I have ever read. I think it's important for your kids to know how you feel about your sweetie. You know in my family, staying married is the minority so to see that you have lasted already 34 and still love each other the same, if not more, is absolutely INSPIRING and amazing. Thank you for sharing.

crystal said...

"Okay, close your eyes kids, I also love his great little butt!" heeheeheehee! So funny! THIS is how a mom should be.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

This is such a sweet post. Your husband sounds like such a wonderful man. I like that you sounds like you are still so twitterpated with him after 34 wonderful years. I also like that you call one another Mr and Mrs Darcy. And #5 made me giggle. Naughty Roxanne :-)

Super Angie said...

It was fun seeing you at the primary program sacrament meeting. You are so awesome, loving and kind. Thanks for all you do. :) (Oh, and cute post. I think I need to do this post too)

Richard said...

Who is that person in the helmet? Roxanne, I want you to call me when your husband runs off and leaves you so that you do not have to fall down in the parking lot to prove your determination to have your Temple Recommend signed. I love you Dad