Saturday, October 4, 2008

Success! At least so far.

Those of you that visit my blog frequently, I mean occasionally, make that have ever visited, even once, will notice, might notice, could possibly think to themselves, 'something looks different.' Well, you would be correct. I am stepping outside my comfort zone and trying not only a new background but a 3 (count them) column background. Whew! It made me so nervous to think that I might possibly erase all my months of occasional blogging, but I plunged ahead, without fear or reservation. Now before you start thinking 'my isn't she brave', I must confess, I didn't do this alone. My beautiful daughter-in-law who also has a very awesome blog (that I would send you to but it is private) helped me tremendously. She just changed over to 3 columns and so she walked me through it. It was more complex then I expected it would be and every time I clicked on view blog I wasn't sure it would reappear. Now I know that some of you professional bloggers change blogs like you do your unnerwear (yes I know it is mis-spelled but I didn't want an R rating, right Marivic) but I am timid and not really adventurous and lazy and I didn't want to have to recreate everything up to this point. I am actually quite pleased with the results of my labors and now am trying to create a personal heading/title box. If any of you out there in blogging lurkerville have any helpful hints or suggestions, I am open.


Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

So proud of you, Girlfriend! You've read all about my "trials and tribulations" so I know it couldn't have been easy, but you definitely did a much better job on your blog renovation than I did for sure! Way to go! I LOVE your new look.

As for the header, I've just been using a regular digital scrapbooking program and downloading pages as a picture to my header. As you can see I'm not doing a good job yet, but I'm practicing behind the scenes and I will use a better header soon. I hope :-) If I find anything better in my "research" I'll let you know for sure.

RBS said...

Thank you so much Marivic and I do appreciate being able to learn things without the mistakes, thanks to such good friends. I will work on the title and hope for the best. You are awesome.

nic and krista said...

It looks great!! I'll let you know if I find any good headers to match!

Tara said...

Yeah!! I love your three column blog!! It's beautious and perfection all in one!
Love you