Monday, October 13, 2008

Who are the animals here?

Here we are at Hogle Zoo. The kids were not only excited to go see the animals but to spend time with Tara's family. The kids love Will and Ems and Ty-Ty. They were so looking forward to spending time with them and at the zoo they were able to run and jump and in some cases climb right into the pens with the Turkeys. Here they are looking at the waterfall at the front entrance.

Ty escaped and wanted to join the turkeys, his mom was moving very fast trying to catch up to him before he confronted the turkeys. What a kid. He was so upset that his mom 'rescued' him that he cried and cried. The picture below shows the daring 'rescue'.

At the infamous drinking fountain they all wanted to get their pictures taken as well as get a little drink of water. They found joy in every little thing that we came across.

Here are only 5 of the 7. Faise and Ty were busy running and exploring and we had a hard time getting them in the picture. Any time we got them in the picture it was because we were quick on the shutter. Here Faise is running to the next place. I snapped quickly to get his picture.

We only were able to keep 5 of the kids standing still for this particular shot. But as the day wore on the two little ones did slow down just a little.
This particular elephant is expecting a baby elephant. She is 12 months along and only has another 10 months! That is just ridiculous. Who's idea was that?

Here is one of the zoo's occupants, a noceros as Faise would say.

It was a fun adventure and the weather was actually very cooperative. It was warm enough without being too hot or too cold. I know that I haven't been to the zoo for at least 7 years so I was grateful that Jenny included me in the outing. If any of you out there haven't been lately I would recommend it, it was great.


Andrea said...

Awesome post. Looks like you had sooooo much fun! That lion drinking fountain still makes me cringe. I put my mouth on the metal ONCE when I was a child and ended up with trench mouth. Miserable stuff. Maybe that's were my germ caution comes from. Hmmm. Anyway, thanks for sharing your fun day!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Hey you, I am trying to click on as a follower but it isn't working. It's probably me--just so you know, I wanna! I'll be back to try again later.

lvs2dance said...

Thanks for tagging along, it wouldn't have been as much fun without you!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Oww, Hogle Zoo. Brings back such memories. can't believe that Lion drinking fountain is still around after all these years :-) Is the choo-choo- train still running? Your grandbabies are so cute!

Tara said...

It was a great day at the zoo. I am glad that you were able to come along and thanks for posting all the fun pictures.
Loves and kisses

Karen Williams said...

You are SUCH a FUN Grandma. My kids would love to have a grandma like you!